Cycle + Circuit: With this 60 minute combination of cycling and strength training, one workout is all you need.  The full body workout starts with 35-40 minutes of cycling to get your heart pumping and the sweat dripping.  Round off your workout with 20-25 minutes of circuit style resistance training for total body toning.

Cycle 45: Torch calories and drip sweat with this low impact, high intensity workout. The lighting is low and the music is loud as you enjoy 45 minutes of climbing hills, sprinting across flat roads and upper body add ons. Class style, music and optional rhythm riding will differ slightly based on instructor.

Cycle Circuit Fusion: This 45 minute cycling and strength training circuit combination class, proven to increase metabolism and improve muscle endurance, mixes heart pumping cardio and full body resistance training. You’ll be on and off the bike, switching from cycle to circuit then back again.

Get Fit HIIT: A 30-40 minute high intensity, fat burning class designed for all fitness levels using little to no equipment. Beneficial for building cardiovascular fitness and improving muscular strength and endurance. Get fit with HIIT!

Hot Yoga: Relax your mind, detox the body and increase flexibility in a hot setting, typically 95 -104 degrees. Added benefits include boosting stamina, improving overall fitness, torching calories, relieving stress and increasing circulation. Class structure and styles will vary based on instructor.

Hot Yoga Sculpt: This 1 hour combo class features a mix of yoga flow and pilates like toning exercises with a heavy concentration on core. It takes place in a hot room, temperatures ranging from 95-104 degrees.

Strength Training Circuit: This 45 minute workout of low impact, high intensity strength training incorporates dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands and your own body weight in circuits that include low impact cardio. Build muscle mass, increase endurance and strength with exercises and weights suitable for all fitness levels.

Weekend Warrior: Start your Saturday off weekend warrior style with this all inclusive combo class featuring cardio, resistance training and deep stretching. We’ll start with 30 minutes of cycling to get the body moving and the heart pumping. The next 30 minutes take you through a strength training circuit for total body toning. Finish with 30 minutes of hot yoga to calm the mind and relieve muscle tension.